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Review: STAR WHORES – A New Hoe

Everybody loves Star Wars movies. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you saw at least one and you probably fantasized about one or more characters from the movies. Today your fantasies will take real shape, with Alexis Crystal as the main star!

MoviePorn took the beloved Princess Leia Organa (in this case Leia Orgasma) and even though she’s not wearing her famous gold bikini, she is still hot as fuck. Poor princess has no idea what is coming her way, but she will soon feel the power of the Force on her very own skin.

Choke me, daddy!

And not only her skin. After being force choked, she will have her throat and pussy force fucked. And her pussy is not the only orifice that will get desecrated by the infamous Darth Vader.

New Hoe lacks a story, you will get a short intro and then jump right in hot action. Costumes and set are on a very high level, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from MoviePorn. Guys are really doing their best and I love it.

Get your lightsabers ready and watch STAR WHORES in 4K HERE!