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Review: Suicide Squirt

Everybody loves comic book movies. Everybody has a kink for cosplay, so it’s more than natural than porn parodies are popping up like pimples on teenager’s face.

Let’s not argue who’s the best, whether Marvel or DC, there are other sites for that (even though we all know it’s Marvel). Today we’ll take a look at Suicide Squirt, a DC’s Suicide Squat parody by MoviePorn.

Our beloved Eveline Dellai and Vinna Reed are Harley Quinn and Enchantress, the characters from Suicide Squad, but this time, they don’t fuck around. Well, actually they do and that’s exactly what we want them to do. Harley’s infamous baseball bat is also present and ventures in places you would not expect.

Well, maybe you WOULD expect this, but what does that say about you?

Harley is pouring drinks for her beloved Joker and getting all riled up when Enchantress comes on the scene. The two get along quite fine and Harley’s bat ain’t used for violence this time. Quite contrary.


This video is, once again, really well shot, you will get everything you could possibly ask for and a little more on the side. Actresses are professionals, so is the set and camera work. 10/10 comic book nerds recommend.