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50 Shades of Grey a.k.a ​Extraterrestrial fuck in VR!

What do you do when you see an alien tied to a table? Well, you fuck it, apparently. Or at least somebody does. The regular Joe runs away screaming, leaving a trail of feces and urine, but fuck regular Joe and his weak ass attitude. A true explorer does not hesitate and plunges deep into unknown. (Punny, right?)

Most of us have been wondering what would aline pussy taste like, everybody wanted to fondle three tits of that alien from Total Recall or fantasized about that alien hottie from Mars attacks!

And it seems like our dreams have finally come true and we can release our ectoplasm while watching some kinky alien action in virtual reality. (Fuck me, the future is now, eh?) XVirtual came with what looks like autopsy footage and, man, it looks so damn fine. (Actually so fine that you might feel like a freak while rubbing one out to this, but we all have our inner freak, don’t we?)

I love how they tell you it’s a work of fiction, it would be terrifying if somebody actually tried this, right? The mask is unbelievably realistic, dimmed colors add to the retro feeling and the general mood is more than convincing. I remember the old movies with the ancient effects/costumes and I have to say the technology really advanced. Finally, the aliens come in fuckable versions as well.

But don’t expect any extra terrestrial romance, this is a combination of fear and lust, horror and porn.


Here’s how all this probably happened: 


July 7th, 1947,
Edwards Air Force Base (commonly known as AREA 51)
Lincoln County Nevada

U.S. Military Report on Zeta Reticulian a.k.a. Grey

“…and inside the crashed spaceship was found a body with humanoid features. Genitalia suggests it is a female specimen of a Zeta Reticulian (Grey). Later examination showed it (she) was not dead, just comatose, possibly from the crash. The body was moved to our research facility for further examination.”

July 8th, 1947
Examiner’s journal (transcript from an audio recording)

7:15 AM“…The resemblance to humans is striking. The head is disproportionally larger, so are the eyes. I injected the subject with some adrenaline and it seems like it could wake up. I’ll proceed with further examination of the body, especially the reproductive organs…”

7:25 AM
“Holy shit, it’s awake. It responds to touch and to injecting more adrenaline into the genitals. Not sure why I did that, it seemed like a good idea. I shall proceed with… err… with… yeah, genital inspection, I’ll call it that way. Just let me stick my dick into this alien pussy and let’s see what happens.”

7:35 AM

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Come back you little shit, you cannot run around the lab. Let me get some chloroform, that shit should calm you down.”

7:40 AM
“Here we go. I’ll show you who’s in charge here. Back on the table with you. Your alien pussy will pay for this. Hmmm, I wonder, does this ET have sharp teeth? There’s only one way to find out, I’ll have to fuck it’s face.”

7:45 AM
“More chloroform for you, you fucking alien. How do you like this? Huh? Eat this… Wait, what? No, no, calm the fuck down. You should fall asleep. Stay away from me, you bitch… Help!!! HELP!!! Somebody help me!!!!”