XVirtual – Welcome to the future of fapping​

The future is now, old man!

Throw away your old, cum stained porn mag with pages glued together and buy yourself some quality VR goggles!

The internet is full of porn and finding anything you might desire has never been easier. Even the kinkiest of us can find whatever they think of. But we still want more, we will always push the limits as much as we can. Because the more you want, the more you get in the end, eh?

Luckily we live in the age of computers, space travels, electric cars and most importantly… VIRTUAL REALITY!!! Guys, this shit is the future! Some of you have probably tried VR for gaming or some fun attractions, like a fake rollercoaster. But FUCK THAT SHIT! VR was invented for one thing only – FOR PORN!!!

And XVirtual is the ideal site to start your virtual fapping odyssey. This site brings you dozens of videos, all in 5K quality, various genres from porn creepy as fuck (actually so creepy your balls might shrink and hide inside your belly), through various castings to movie parodies. Just anything you can think of.

Just a small taste of various videos

The best thing about all this VR business is you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to experience a proper virtual fuck. This site even works with the cardboard phone holder your kids are using to watch YouTube videos. That means 5$ will get you right into the game. There is only one question left to answer… Why are you still wasting your time here when you could be jerking off your virtual dick? No, wait, virtually jerking off your dick. No, that’s not right either… Fuck that, you know what I mean!!!

Come to daddy!